Monitor and predict health
data using AWS AI services

by Luca Bianchi, CTO Neosperience Health

Las Vegas, NV

Monday, November 28

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM



Health systems often lack the capability to account for comprehensive population health monitoring, yet collecting data like oxygenation, temperature, blood tests, and glucose can identify the signs of underlying conditions early. 

Many home devices are connected and capable of acquiring and monitoring a vast number of vital signs to track a person's health across many relevant metrics. This session demonstrates how to build a serverless personal health solution leveraging AWS Al services to provide insight extraction, monitoring, and forecasting. 

Learn how to collect a time-variant dataset, use Amazon Lookout for Equipment to spot anomalies, and predict metrics levels.


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Our Platform

Our Technology

Our platform is the solution to elaborate in-depth clinical profiles of your patients, to make the diagnosis process more efficient, carry out predictive analyses and monitor the patient.

Neosperience Health allows you to collect a large amount of data – both clinical data and emotional data, both biometric and psychological.

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