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Experience-centered technology

Our platform is the solution for developing in-depth clinical profiles of your patients to streamline the diagnosis process, perform predictive analytics, and monitor the patient throughout the treatment journey in the facility, as well as at home, improving prognosis and enabling individuals to live healthier and longer.

Neosperience Health AI Engine

Analytical Data/ Medical Data

X-ray, CT, MRI

Haematology and blood gas analysis 

Health of the heart and lungs 

Blood pressure and oxygenation 

Physical activity

Weight and spirometry BMI 

Emotional Data/ Soft Data

Psychological Wellbeing 

Self care

 Personality and attitude

Lifestyle and Social wellness

Therapeutic adherence


Our features

Remote Monitoring

Thanks to the integration with the main medical devices on the market, our solutions allow constant monitoring of vital parameters and patient health conditions, wherever it is.

Diagnosis Support

Advanced Artificial Intelligence systems support the clinician in the diagnosis of diseases and in predictive analysis, helping him to identify the treatment pathway that allows to obtain the best results and with the greatest added value.

Video Consulting

A digital platform for remote counseling, easy and intuitive. Designed to always be efficient and allow doctors and patients to talk in an empathetic and safe environment.

Empathic Engine

Clinical and psychological data merged into a single instrument to thoroughly understand the patient and their needs and personalize the therapy and the communicative approach with the patient.

Sofia – Our Personal Health Assistant

Trained in medical databases and constantly evolving, Sofia supports doctor and patient, constantly collecting a series of biological and psychological parameters upon which the professional can make data-driven decisions on the care journey.

Watch the video and discover the project that we have realized together with the partner AWS for the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, to support the patient care path thanks to our empathic artificial intelligence.

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Our clients, your patients

Chosen by major players in the health care industry, Neosperience Health provides digital platforms that help healthcare professionals care for the well-being of their patients and caregivers in an empathetic, caring and safe way.

Our solutions are in use globally supporting 12 clinical settings and caring for a population of 15,000 patients to date.


Our team is here to show you – in practice and in numbers – how Neosperience Health can support your work and improve the lives of your patients.

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