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A place to make a mantra out of your healthy lifestyle.

The solution to simplify therapeutic adherence

Vivisol MyCare, Vivisol’s reconfigurable Android and iOS app, based on the Neosperience Skinnable App and Nudging-Gamification solutions, supports the patient in treatment intake with in-depth customization of services, interfaces, and communications.

A deep User Experience and User Interface effort that makes the app easy to use, even for those who may not use technology as a part of their daily routine. 

Vivisol MyCare helps educate patients on the proper use of the tool and provides ongoing assistance as needed.

Nudging and Gamification to evolve the concept of health

We know how difficult it can be to make sure your patients are following the treatment path as well as possible. 

Thanks to technology, it is now possible to apply the concepts of Nudging & Gamification and enable your patients to follow your treatment easily and correctly and improve everyday life through a few simple steps, such as using reward mechanisms to gratify users for their virtuous actions.

Vivisol My Care

Who would not want a patient who is aware of their own treatment?

Awareness is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Vivisol MyCare allows patients to learn about their health care journey through a correct and controlled source. 

Clinical insights and related diseases are compiled by a medical team, as well as content on the use of medical devices.

Not enough? Ask ViviBot, the intelligent chatbot, for more in-depth information or get directly in touch with the company. Get informed, earn credits and then spend them in the dedicated marketplace.


Our team is here to show you – in practice and in numbers – how Neosperience Health can support your work and improve the lives of your patients.

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