HAYA – AstraZeneca

Haya, the smart platform that assists the cancer patient in the screening and treatment of the disease.

The patient at the center of the treatment journey

Developed in collaboration with AstraZeneca, HAYA is the innovative solution – a Cloud platform for the medical team and a smartphone app for the patient – that supports health professionals in the management of oncological patients, while making the individual the protagonist and participant in their own care journey.

A simple, yet complete, Single Patient View

Based on the most advanced Neosperience Health technologies, HAYA is the first cloud platform that enables collaborative and integrated, AI-assisted screening.

It includes a set of advanced – yet easy-to-use – Deep Learning-based services which facilitate the detection of health issues.

The integrated analysis models classify and correlate the individual’s biometric and psychological data, allowing the physician to constantly know the health status of their patients.

HAYA mockup

Haya allows physicians to shape their patient’s care journey, informing them in real time if any changes occur.

HAYA: effective and intuitive

HAYA collects and discloses the patient’s clinical data and personal measurements, with a dynamic conversational interface that monitors compliance and therapeutic adherence.

It allows the Multidisciplinary Medical Team to coordinate in an agile manner and ensures alignment over time. At the same time the chronic patient can get in touch with their treating physician (via chat or video consultation) whenever needed.

Would you let anyone access your health data?
Neither would we.

Health is precious, just like the data we choose to share. With HAYA, the patient has total management of their health information and can quickly and easily choose which data to share and with which professional.

No data stored in HAYA can be viewed without the patient’s explicit consent, thus ensuring trust and transparency.


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