An empathetic and practical use of technology to tackle the health challenges caused by the pandemic.

More accurate cardiopulmonary ultrasound analysis thanks to artificial intelligence

DIMASDIA evolves the experience, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare operational processes and takes the lead in the battle against Covid-19. The main ally? Neosperience Health’s Artificial Intelligence.

Neosperience Health developed a solution to support the clinician, aiming to diagnose cardiac complications beyond traditional procedures.

The advanced Artificial Intelligence models behind DIMASDIA support the physician in detecting Akinesias, Cardiac Normokinesias, and Pericarditis.

The future of diagnosis, today

DIMASDIA was created in collaboration with Ospedale Sacco di Milano, Istituto Auxologico Italiano, LoopTribe Srl, CRS4 and funded by Regione Lombardia, Fondo Europeo per lo Sviluppo Regionale and Istituto Veronesi.

The Neosperience Health team, together with our partners’ centers of excellence, developed two models:

  • One for rapid diagnosis of early onset of Covid-19 using lung X-rays – at lower cost than any other diagnostic tool.
  • One for the detection of altered cardiac kinetics.
Sito Dimasdia

Simple, effective and affordable diagnosis

Clinical trial results demonstrate more than 98% analysis reliability, with high performance in not easily discernible situations. 

DIMASDIA provides a standardized, evidence-based tool for the clinical management of patients with cardiac complications:

  • The possibility of pre-screening at home or in widespread territorial prescriptions and the application of AI models helps making diagnosis both more affordable and easier to perform;
  • The platform helps reduce waiting times, increasing the number of daily examinations, which leads to a decrease in hospitalizations and public spending. 

A simplified version of DIMASDIA, intended for emergency rooms, is under development, in order to support rapid and reliable pre-testing when physicians arrive on site.


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