Neosperience Health for Healthcare Professionals and their Patients

Neosperience Health for HCPs

For doctors and healthcare professionals, taking care of their patients at all times is a challenge of the utmost importance. In fact, healthcare professionals must face the difficulties that remote monitoring often entails and try to minimize abandonment rates in their patients. 


The most advanced technologies on the market to improve the quality of health services. Constant collection of data and health information, upload and share features for clinical exams and a refined Single Patient View shared between the multidisciplinary team in real time.

centri mediciCloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence come together to allow healthcare professionals to constantly monitor the patient’s health status in real time, collect data through integration with medical devices and wearable devices and propose treatment journey tailored to each person. A medically shared Single Patient View allows to quickly and accurately assess the patient’s progress, across the entire treatment journey.

medici del lavoroNeosperience’s twenty years of experience in the digitization of operational processes and in the creation of advanced Customer Experience, at the service of health. We support companies and startups that develop medical solutions and products through the entire development process, from demand analysis to the finished product. Together, we elevate quality to the power of empathy thanks to digital technologies to fully meet the needs of your customers.

centri di ricercaThe future of health depends on research, an area that cannot be separated from the use of new technologies and the amount of data obtained from them. The Artificial Intelligence algorithms used by Neosperience Health are among the most advanced in the industry, and have already allowed our partners to achieve exceptional academic and scientific results in the field of predictive medicine and pharmaceutical research.

farmaciaThe ability of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to enhance the “calculation” activities allows us to speed up the search times for pharmaceutical surveillance. State-of-the-art technologies that allow you to revolutionize the pharmaceutical sector, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and accuracy in the search for new targets.

farmaciaDeeply recognize your customers’ needs to provide them with products and services based on their real needs. A powerful tool to retain patients, maximize perceived value and make pharmacy the benchmark in the health of citizens.

Neosperience Health technologies, at the service of professionals and healthcare facilities, allow staff to monitor in real time both the progress of therapy and the insurgence of any complications, customizing it or intervening where needs arise.

Neosperience Health for patients and caregivers

In recent years, patients and caregivers urgently turned to technology as a “bridge” to always be in contact with the treating doctor, even when they cannot go to the hospital or obtain information in person.

Neosperience Health is the hub that allows the patient to monitor visits, upload test results and contact the treating physician.
Through Nudging & Gamification systems, the platform ensures the correct intake of therapy, while integration with wearable and medical devices accurately tracks biometric parameters. Finally, access to libraries and databases helps to clarify doubts about therapy in an instant.

AI-powered Healthcare by Neosperience Health CloudThanks to Neosperience Health, caregivers will have one less concern: they will know when and what actions have been carried out by their loved one and, with the express consent of the patient, they will be able to access the platform to view the data.

Neosperience Health represents a valuable ally of the patient and the caregiver. We keep them safe and informed about their health conditions or those of their loved ones and we let them know at all times where they are in their treatment journey.


Our clients, your patients

Chosen by major players in the health care industry, Neosperience Health provides digital platforms that help healthcare professionals care for the well-being of their patients and caregivers in an empathetic, caring and safe way.

Our solutions are in use globally supporting 12 clinical settings and caring for a population of 15,000 patients to date.


Our team is here to show you – in practice and in numbers – how Neosperience Health can support your work and improve the lives of your patients.

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