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The Neosperience know-how for health and well-being

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud for Healthcare

Neosperience Health is the first cloud platform that supports healthcare facilities and healthcare staff, providing integrated, collaborative patient management and remote monitoring screening system.

We develop digital technologies that allow people to live longer and healthier lives, managing clinical processes more efficiently and reducing the amount of workload that isn’t closely linked to the main goal of medicine: people’s health.

Artificial Intelligence is our bread and butter. We study it, interpret it according to our vision and consider it the foundation on which to develop our solutions.

Neosperience Health’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms support healthcare facilities in adopting the principles of predictive medicine, detecting the patient’s biometric data in real time and analyzing them. Hundreds of indicators of aggravation of the subject’s health status can be identified, notifying healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers.

The patient at the centre of the treatment process

Our technologies, combined with the innovation of the Single Patient View, allow us to overcome the limits of traditional medicine and design empathic treatment journeys, which intercept the real and unique needs of the healthcare staff of different care facilities and of each patient.

Neosperience’s commitment to Digital Health

Neosperience to the moon

Our clinical experts experience the healthcare field first-hand, among with the difficulties and needs that medicine entails.

In order meet the challenges and overcome the difficulties that this sector faces, at Neosperience Health we we rely on five basic pillars: Technology, Empathy, Innovation, Quality and Experience.

Neosperience Health is born out of a five-year commitment by Neosperience, a company active in the development of cutting-edge digital technologies that boasts more than 750 customers and whose role within the digital innovation landscape has been recognized as a significant reality on both an Italian and international level.

Neosperience has invested more than €16M to reinvent digital healthcare with tailor-made technologies that make the patient truly involved, active and informed about their treatment path.

Neosperience to the moon
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REVOO: 360° health

Neosperience to the moon

When we talk about health and well-being, we cannot forget the fundamental role of physical activity. For this reason, Neosperience Health integrates REVOO’s experience and technology.

REVOO is the software for personal trainers and fitness professionals with which trainers can manage their customers and create complete and customized training courses.

REVOO’s user experience is delivered through an app interface for the client, in order to train and monitor their physical and athletic improvements over time.

REVOO innovates the world of fitness by collecting and analyzing data related to training and lifestyle, shared with personal trainers in full compliancy with privacy laws.

This way the professional can paint a structured picture of the customer’s habits, essential in order to design an effective and efficient training path.


Our team is here to show you – in practice and in numbers – how Neosperience Health can support your work and improve the lives of your patients.

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