Next-Generation Digital Health Platform

Health Cloud

Neosperience Health is the platform that allows the patient, the caregiver and the health professional to keep track of the visits, to upload the results of the exams, to establish a direct contact between all the subjects involved, and much more.

Gamify health


GamifyHealth is the module designed to make care pathways more engaging and motivating. Thanks to Nudging & Gamification techniques, the patient is stimulated to follow the therapy and achieve health goals.
Empath care

Psychographic profile

The psychographic analysis module emotionally accompanies the patient during the treatment process. Thanks to surveys powered by artificial intelligence, the module creates a personalized profile of the patient.
EHR repository

Electronic Health Record

In the Electronic Health Record module, patients can store their health information in an encrypted and easily accessible way. There you can access health data at any time and place.
Booking system

Booking System and Agenda

Thanks to the Booking System and Agenda the patient can book an appointment in a few clicks. At the same time it allows the doctor to have his own calendar and an appointment management system.
Health bridge

Smart Device Integration

The integration with Smart Devices allows the user and the doctor to monitor health parameters constantly, thanks to the automatic import of data from different devices, both wearable and medical.

Patient Journey Support

The Patient Journey support module manages the information and waiting times related to a specific clinical event. This information is also shared with the patient's caregiver or health network.

AI for diagnostic support

The module uses machine learning to support medical diagnosis, to reduce waiting times, costs and misdiagnosis. The module analyzes medical images and videos, including echocardiography and pulmonary x-rays.
System integration

System integration

Our System Integration module uses industry standards such as HL7 and FHIR to allow staff and medical facilities to easily connect to other information systems.
Connect Care

Teleconsultation and chat

The Teleconsultation and Chat module makes the connection between patients and clinicians easier and more intuitive. With teleconsultation, chat and direct messaging options, patients can communicate quickly and efficiently with their doctors.


Sofia is the empathic virtual assistant who understands the patient's emotions. Trained on medical databases, Sofia answers therapeutic questions and constantly collects a series of biological and psychological parameters.

Training and Rehabilitation

Designed for Personal Trainers, Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists, the training and rehabilitation module allows you to easily manage your clients, offering personalized and digitized training and rehabilitation paths.

AI data analysis engine

The AI Data Analysis Engine module provides advanced support tools for predictive analytics technologies. The engine collects, combines and provides correlations between biometric and psychological data, creating individual risk profiles.

Neosperience Health Platform

Neosperience Health is the platform that allows the patient, caregiver, and professional to keep track of visits, upload exam results, establish direct contact between all stakeholders, and more.

What makes Neosperience Health unique?

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Neosperience Health is based on a Serverless Cloud microservices architecture, an innovative solution that provides unprecedented scalability, elasticity, resilience and flexibility.

Amazon Web Services‘ Distributed Computing ensures best-in-class performance in cloud management, while constantly updated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms elevate the health professional’s awareness to a new level.

Privacy-By-Design measures, including the adoption of firewalls, penetration testing, obfuscation, tokenization, virtual private networks (VPNs) and continuous monitoring of data sharing events, make Neosperience Health one of the most secure platforms on the market.

Custom made projects

The Neosperience Health platform consists of several modules that can be integrated with each other and purchased separately. Find out how to implement your custom project.


Our clients, your patients

Chosen by major players in the health care industry, Neosperience Health provides digital platforms that help healthcare professionals care for the well-being of their patients and caregivers in an empathetic, caring and safe way.

Our solutions are in use globally supporting 12 clinical settings and caring for a population of 15,000 patients to date.


Our team is here to show you – in practice and in numbers – how Neosperience Health can support your work and improve the lives of your patients.

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