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Neosperience Health at the AWS Summit 2022 in Milan

Elena Bianchi – VP Product Neosperience Health – will give a speech on 22 June at the AWS Summit in Milan.
The event will be held at MiCo – Milano Convention Center from 11.45 to 12.30.

It’s completely free: come and visit us and discover the Haya project created for AstraZeneca.


Our mission is to create an healthcare system connected and closer to the patient

Neosperience Health is the Corporate Startup from Neosperience, one of the most influential Italian software vendors listed on the stock exchange. 

Numerous projects carried out for major health organizations and more than 10 million euros in investments have allowed us to reinvent digital medicine and simplify the work of health professionals thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

We offer a new approach to digital transformation in healthcare that helps organizations and health professionals understand the patient’s needs and guide them step by step along their path, taking into account each person’s different needs, emotions, and uniqueness.

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Our technology centers the experience

We believe in the importance of health professionals, the uniqueness of the individual and in a holistic approach to the patient.
For these reasons, our technology combines and integrates
clinical and emotional data, managing to perceive the distinctive features of each patient.

We allow you to collect a large amount of data, proper as a starting point for the diagnosis process, predictive analysis, and monitoring of the patient’s care path, improving the prognosis and allowing individuals to live healthier and longer.

Virtual Assistant

The first assistant in mixed-reality that allows patients to evolve and improve their care path, suggesting the correct behaviors, stimulating therapeutic compliance, retrieving feedback in real-time and generating relevant insights.

Remote Monitoring

Thanks to the integration with the leading medical devices on the market, our solutions allow constant monitoring of the patient’s vital parameters and health conditions, wherever they are.


Diagnosis Support

Advanced Artificial Intelligence systems support clinicians in diagnosing pathologies and in predictive analysis, helping them identify the most efficient therapy and obtain the best results with the greatest added value.

Therapeutic Nudging

Nudging and enhancement of virtuous behaviors to support participatory medicine and the awareness of patients, resulting in a better perception of connection with the healthcare professional and involvement in the treatment process.

Video Consulting

An easy and intuitive digital platform for teleconsultation, designed to be efficient and allowing doctors and patients to communicate in an empathic and safe environment.

Empathic Engine

Blending clinical and psychological data in a single tool to fully understand the patients, their needs and personalizing the therapy and the communicative approach with them.


Neosperience Health for Healthcare Professionals

A set of digital services that simplify diagnosis, improve prognosis and allow clinics and pharmacies to be the ideal reference point for people’s health.

Clinical Centers

Clinical Centers

We value the proximity and listening soul of Clinical Centers by offering dynamic touchpoints open to both parties: patients and professionals.

Research centers

Research centers

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms are among the most advanced in the Health sector and have already enabled many of our partners to achieve exceptional academic and scientific results.



Pharmacies are an integral and essential part of local medicine. We support the offer of integrated products and services through analysis and customer-loyalty dynamics.


Our clients, your patients

Chosen by leading players in the healthcare sector, Neosperience Health provides digital platforms that help professionals take care of their patients’ well-being in an empathetic way.

Our solutions are currently used globally, supporting 12 clinics and taking care of a population of 15 thousand patients.

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Our team is at your disposal to show you – in practice and numbers – how Neosperience Health can support your work and improve the lives of your patients.

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