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A young, growing, innovative venture

Neosperience Health is a Corporate Startup by Neosperience, one of the most important Italian listed software vendors. Several projects carried out for prominent realities in the health field, and more than 10 million euros of investment, have allowed us to reinvent digital medicine and simplify the activity of health professionals thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Our cloud-based platform allows us to offer a new approach to digital transformation in healthcare. We help organizations and health professionals understand the patient’s needs and guide them step by step through the care journey, taking into account the different needs, emotions and uniqueness of each person.

Monitor and predict health data using AWS AI services



Las Vegas, NV

Monday, November 28

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Neosperience Health Architecture

A smart platform, developed on cloud-based microservice architecture, scalable and fully customizable, dedicated to your patients’ health.

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Experience-centered technology

We believe in the value of health professionals and the uniqueness of the individual in a holistic approach to the patient. For these reasons, our technology combines and integrates clinical data and emotional data, managing to perceive the distinctive traits of each individual patient.

We enable you to collect a substantial amount of data, useful for simplifying the process of diagnosis, predictive analysis and monitoring of the patient’s treatment journey. This way we improve prognosis and enable individuals to live healthier and longer.

Virtual Assistant

Remote Monitoring

Diagnosis Support

Therapeutic Nudging

Video Consulting

Empathic Engine


Neosperience Health for healthcare professionals

A wide selection of digital services that simplify operational diagnostic activities, improve prognosis, and enable health care organizations to become the ultimate reference point for people’s health.



We accompany hospitals on a digital transformation journey unique to each reality. In doing so, we improve healthcare operational processes, patient management, and the effectiveness of care provided.

Clinical centers

Clinical centers

We enhance the closeness and attentive nature of Clinical Centers by offering dynamic touchpoints that are open to both parties: patients and professionals.

Medical Industry

Medical Industry

We support companies and startups developing medical solutions and products by integrating with the latest technologies to elevate quality and provide the best experience.

Neosperience Health for patients and caregivers

The digital hub enriched by Single Patient View, which puts the patient at the center of their treatment journey and facilitates caregiver control.



Advanced management systems collect data from wearable devices and medical devices to obtain an up-to-date clinical profile that can also be consulted by caregivers in real time.



Neosperience Health keeps track of visits, test results, and appointments with the treating physician. Through Nudging & Gamification systems, it ensures the proper treatment intake.



Through integration with medical libraries and databases, Neosperience Health helps the patient clarify doubts regarding prescribed therapy


Our clients, your patients

Chosen by major players in the health care industry, Neosperience Health provides digital platforms that help healthcare professionals care for the well-being of their patients and caregivers in an empathetic, caring and safe way.

Our solutions are in use globally supporting 12 clinical settings and caring for a population of 15,000 patients to date.


Our team is here to show you – in practice and in numbers – how Neosperience Health can support your work and improve the lives of your patients.

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